Friday, 9 August 2013

Pho Hong Vuong - Review - Footscray

Pho Hong Vuong (128 Hopkins St, FootscrayVIC 3011) is one of the very best restaurants in Footscray.  That it was booked out on a non descript Wednesday means something.  I should say that this place is busy virtually every night of the week which is impressive given how many Vietnamese restaurants you'll find here.

Vietnamese beef wrapped in betel leaf
The grilled beef in betel leaves is an absolute classic starter and one of my all time favourite Vietnamese starters.  It really is a must have and once you've tried them you'll want to order them every time you go out for Vietnamese.  Its that good.  Eat and enjoy.  If you enjoy them as much as I do follow this link to grab a recipe.
Chim Cút Rôti Chiên Giòn ( Deep Fried Quails)
If the Vietnamese beef in betel leaves is a classic an equally if not better classic is the deep fried quails.  Okay, deep fried anything probably doesn't sound that impressive.  However, combined with the superlative seasoning this is one hard dish to better.  Simply fantastic and it goes without saying highly recommended.

Cha ca la vong image
Cha ca la vong (Fried fish)
The cha ca la vong fish is a bit of a classic Vietnamese dish although probably won't be for the general public.  Not to say its bad but I just don't believe its ever going to have that wide scale appeal of the two previous dishes highlighted above.  I have been to the revered 'Cha Ca La Vong' restaurant in Hanoi (its in all the guide books and even gained a mention in Time magazine) and too be honest I was a bit disappointed.  The copy cat restaurant (at least for my western sensitized taste buds) seemed nicer. Sacrilege, sacrilege, say.  Anyway, I am glad to say that Pho Hong Vuong's version is the equal to if not better than what I enjoyed in Vietnam.

As you can probably tell Pho Hong Vuong comes as highly recommended but do book ahead if you are thinking of going as this place is the buzz as far as buzz ever goes in Footscray.  Enjoy. 

Pho Hong Vuong
Rating - 4

Would I recommend to a friend - Yes
Would I go again - I have and look forward to my next visit

Telephone: 03 9689 6002
Address: 128 Hopkins St, FootscrayVIC 3011
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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  1. the address you are describing is hung vuong. i never knew they had green tables? are you sure this is the right restaurant because i really want to try the beef wrapped in betel leaves