Friday, 12 July 2013

Sky High - Review - Mt Dandenong

Sky High at the top of Mt Dandenong (26 Observatory Rd  Mt Dandenong VIC 3767) is a truly utilitarian restaurant.  Its one of those places that just has to be serviceable or just above average and it has met its requirements.  Its at the top of Mount Dandenong and its not as if you have a choice.  I am a captive, argghh!

Well, the chicken parmagiana is truly as you would expect.  I can't make any particular observations as to it being bad, great or otherwise.  It is going to fill you up though so please be very hungry if you do order this.  A big stomach is a mandatory requirement.
The salmon pappardelle is again a serviceable dish.  In general terms I do like to order pappardelle when I go out as at home I do limit myself to fettuccine or spaghetti.  Is it special - no.  Did I expect special - no.  They've met the specification, I guess.
Parpardelle image
Really, if you are coming here, its for a day trip or to show off Mount Dandenong to some visitors.  Eating out is really secondary to the people you are with and chilling out.  Sky High will help you do that but it doesn't add anything positive to the experience.  It's not really detracting anything either mind you.

Sky High
Rating - 3
Would I go again - Yes ( but not out of choice)
Would I recommend to a friend - No

Telephone: (03) 9751 0443
Address: 26 Observatory Road, Mount Dandenong VIC 3767
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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