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The Anchorage - Review - Williamstown

The Anchorage (34 The Strand, Williamstown ) in Williamstown has waterfront views looking towards the Melbourne cbd.  Very picturesque and stunning at night.  In fact if you have never been to Williamstown at night you really must as the views of Melbourne are unique to the Western suburbs and are definitely under-appreciated.
Deep fried calamari
As as seaside restaurant you always hope that the seafood is going to be great.  Its kind of psychological.  Anyway, The Anchorage certainly looks the part with its impressive ceiling and vaguely nautical interior theme.  The menu too has lots of seafood to choose from.  But its probably better to remember that this is Melbourne and Melbourne definitely isn't renowned for its seafood.

As you can see the dishes are generally very attractive and could even be regarded as a bit stylish.  First impressions are good but ultimately the food is passable or just above average especially given the prices 'The Anchorage' charge.  What gets me is why are they so busy?  I'm slightly mystified by this but then again I was there too!
Grilled haloumi
What slightly miffed me was the vegetables that accompanied the mains.  The main dishes are quite highly priced and to come out as basically chunky boiled vegetables is more than a bit disappointing.

Veal scallopine
Veal Scallopine, oyster mushrooms, sundried tomato, onion, cream and baby spinach sounds like a bit of a mouthful.  Truth be told it was a bit too salty but otherwise is nice enough.  It is probably undeserving of its asking price and not to reiterate my earlier point, the vegetables are underwhelming.
Barramundi with garlic prawns
Barramundi with garlic prawns
The grilled Barramundi served with creamy garlic prawns sounds enticing and the barramundi was cooked pretty good.  Its just the composition of the dish just doesn't work well together. The garlic creamy prawns by themselves would be pretty nice but alas are kind of wasted.

Overall 'The Anchorage' was a disappointment.  It looks so attractive when passing by or from its website.  I guess its the classic case of appearances being deceiving.    

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The Anchorage
Rating - 3Would I recommend to a friend - No
Would I go again - No

Telephone: (03) 9397 6270
Address: 34 The Strand, Williamstown VIC 3016
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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