Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mona's Cafe - Review - Bacchus Marsh

Its always nice to get out and about and into country Victoria.  I don't know if Bacchus Marsh really qualifies on that front as its really pretty close but its still the country to me.  Anyway, as an avid bushwalker I'd suggest taking a walk to Falcon's Lookout.  Its not too challenging and the view is pretty impressive for something close to Melbourne.  It's all relative though so don't get your hopes too high.

Anyway, as part of any excursion finding a nice cafe, pub or restaurant is one of those special moments.  Mona's Cafe is one of those special moments but mainly for the quality of the food and its bargain pricing. Its stupendous value for money but won't win contests for decor or trendiness.
Mona's Cafe inside is welcoming image
Mona's Cafe inside is welcoming
Its seems to serve all homemade food and none of those horrible muffins you get in the city that are really cupcakes.  As its all genuinely homemade you get more variety, more interesting flavours and ingredients and something a bit different to look at.

I was only really there for a pit stop and to check the place out.  To be honest I can't really remember the coffee.  That means it wasn't bad so that's got to be a plus point.

The sesame biscuit is as advertised.  If you like sesame seeds and a nice crumbly soft biscuit this will be right up your alley.  A crispy cookie it is not but I was suitably impressed.
sesame image

The rhubarb, strawberry and apple tart was a treat.  I like how it wasn't too sweet and not too tart either.  It beats the standard apple pies/strudels you get all over the place and it looks nice on the plate.  This was very appetizing and another serve would easily have been gobbled down.

Finally the baked lemon cheese cake.  Probably a bit excessive getting this as well and too be honest probably under appreciated.  It was nice but I just enjoyed the sesame biscuit and rhubarb, strawberry and apple tart so much more.

I'll definitely be tempted to go there once again when next in Bacchus Marsh.

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Mona's Cafe Rating - 4 (Old fashioned but in a good way.  Please stop in for great cakes)
Would I go again - Yes
would I recommend to a friend - Yes

Telephone: 03 5367 762
Address: 432 Bacchus Marsh Rd, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 3340
Reviewed By: Howie Be