Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Degani's Bakery Cafe - Review - East Melbourne

This is another of my mini posts.  Degani's Bakery Cafe is one of those cafe's that really is for commuters on their way to work.  I say this as I find it functional, utilitarian and nice enough in its own way but also not having any real selling point or special feature making it rise about the average.

I certainly wouldn't be making a special or out of my way trip here but if its on your way to work you'll get a nice takeaway coffee.  Be warned that they seem to prioritise takeaway orders above sit in customers so you may get annoyed if you are dining in.
Ham and cheese toasted sandwich

Great for morning coffee image
Great for morning coffee
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Degani's Bakery Cafe
Rating - 3
Would I come again - No.
Would I recommend to a friend - No.

Telephone: 03 9416 4490
Address: 372 Albert St  East Melbourne, VIC 3002
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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