Saturday, 2 June 2012

Nami - Review - Port Melbourne

Nami in Port Melbourne is kind of a fusion Japanese restaurant.  It has to be said that Nami doesn't inspire confidence from the outside but it delivers in the quality of food even if the table service was only okay. Put it this way, due to a delay in our food arriving we were given a free main.

Nami also has that seaside kind of feel to it that many restaurants have. What I mean by this is that it is slightly bar'ish rather than fine dining. 

Anyway, as I said earlier it delivers in the quality of food.  This is both in flavour and presentation so be prepared for something at least slightly special.

The gyu tataki, thinly sliced porterhouse beef with wasabi mayo, garlic and ginger is a bit of a treat.
Gyu Tataki
I am a sucker for carpaccio so I the salmon carpaccio was always going to be tempting. I wouldn't say that this was fantastic but I do appreciate its original presentation for a carpaccio.
Salmon Carpaccio
The kaibashira or fresh sea scallops wrapped in nori were excellent for what they are.  I am not really a big fan of these types of dishes that come with a kind of generic sauce but this was pretty good.
Sea scallops wrapped in nori
Nothing can really go wrong with a sashimi plate other than the fish not being fresh.  I am happy to report that the sashimi was great and devoured by all happily.
If you've never tried eel i recommend giving it a go.  You will only ever really find it in a Japanese restaurant but I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.  The eel nigiri sushi is definitely worth having. Highly recommended.
Eel nigiri image
Eel nigiri
The mixed seafood sushi was on the house due to our food being served rather slowly.  I'm not complaining having a bit more seafood.
Mixed seafood sushi image
Mixed seafood sushi
Finally on to desserts. These were fresh and simple and matched perfectly with the mains.

Poached pear with mint, apple and vanilla ice cream image
Poached pear with mint, apple and vanilla ice cream
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Rating - 4
Would I go again - Yes
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes

Telephone: (03) 9646 0707
Address: 67 Beach Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Reviewed By: Howie Be


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