Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Press Club Part 1 - Review - Melbourne

If you haven't heard of Masterchef where have you been living?  Anyway, The Press Club doesn't really require any introduction. What I will say is that the interior while nice doesn't go wow. Its always hard to meet expectations but that's human nature.
Modern without screaming, wow

While The Press Club has an a la carte menu it seems that most people go for the 'Symposium' degustation option.  After you've had degustation a few times the novelty does start to wear off however its is nice to feel special.

The symposium kind of covers all bases with tuna, terrine, rabbit, wagyu beef, salmon, chicken, dessert and more.  All I will say is that the food was good but not exceptional.  A quick look on other internet reviews kind of confirms this as well.

Anyway, I am going to let the pictures do the talking.  Look out for part two next week.

Tuna with watermelon image
Tuna with watermelon
Rabbit terrine image
Rabbit terrine
Lamb carpaccio image
Lamb carpaccio
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The Press Club
Rating - 4
Would I go again - Yes (but not necessarily in a hurry) 
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes (but with reservations)

Telephone: (03) 9677 9677
Address: 72 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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