Saturday, 1 October 2011

Werribee Mansion Cafe - Review

Werribee Mansion is a great tourist destination in Melbourne. I recommend it for both locals and overseas tourists. It really should be on your hit list as its a bit different from most tourist destinations.

It has a great looking restaurant that I will visit within the next year. However, I am going to comment on the cafe at the mansion. All I can say is that it is more functional than anything special. In fact I almost didn't want to stay and eat.

The menu really is pretty small. It has just enough to keep you interested but only just. It had about 2-3 hot menu options, sandwich's, pies, cakes and some salads. It has chocolate bars, softdrinks and the rest  I guess it really is designed to cater for families and in that sense it fulfills it job well. For the more discerning person its utilitarianism may seem underwhelming.

Anyway, after managing to find something that I kinda liked the look off I was pleasantly surprised by the rather great tasting noodle salad. It had plenty of noodles, chickpeas, pumpkin, rocket, red onion and a few other ingredients. It really was the dressing or whatever flavouring it had that made it so enjoyable. Put it this way, it certainly tasted far superior to what it looked like. 

The soy chicken on rice was more standard fare. Certainly not intimidating in anyway and almost excessive in portion size.

So to sum up, probably great for families and for everyone else passable.

Werribee Mansion Cafe
Rating - 3
Would I come again - No.
Would I recommend to a friend - No.
Would I make a special visit - No.

Telephone: 03-9742-3068
Address: K RoadWerribeeVictoria 3030Australia
Reviewed By: Howie Be

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