Monday, 26 September 2011

Going "Iddy Biddy"

A great spot in St Kilda that I am sure is neglected by some sight-see'ers due to not being on the main drag. Pity too them. Iddy Biddy is one of the most popular bars (and cafe and restaurant) in St Kilda for the locals and smart visitors alike. Its more cafe and bar than restaurant and definitely suits the St Kilda way of life.

Classic big breakfast
Its menu is typical cafe fair. Burgers, eggs benedict, parma's, big breakfast's, etc. What makes 'Iddy Biddy' special is that it has that great indie cafe feel (if that's what you like, I do), its food is definitely above par and its prices are very good value for money.

I enjoyed the big breakfast and the bowl of mussels. The bowl of mussels came with either a classic napoli sauce or my preference, a white wine and creamy sauce. Great taste and great for the waistline! It was very rich and the crusty and thin toasted bread matched perfectly. The quantity was perfect. Not too much and not too little. 

Indie surroundings and a bit of Pacman
It has classic arcade games that you can play (think Pac man, frogger, space invaders) or just eat on. They are functional but really serve as a great backdrop for creating the vibe of the place.
Bowl of mussels in white sauce

My rating system:
Would  I come again - Yes.

Would I recommend to a friend - Yes.
Would I make a special visit - Yes.

Signing off until next time, Howie B.

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