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Dinner By Heston restaurant review, Crown Casino, Melbourne by Howie's Melbourne Food Blog Dinner By Heston (Crown Casino) is Heston's Melbourne restaurant.  If you do not know who Heston is I wonder where you have been living. I jest, kind of.  Anyway, he's I guess an avant guarde chef who is notorious for playing with your senses.


Assuming you know why you are going to Dinner By Heston you are not really going to get any surprises as you've heard or seen everything on tv already.  The real question is whether the dishes deliver in real life and whether you'll be happy. 


Anyway, the decor in Dinner By Heston isn't overly lavish.  It's kind of nice without being overwhelming and ultimately keeps the focus on the food that you'll be eating rather than where you are. Ultimately that's why you should be going to Heston.


I am happy to report that the food delivers in taste and presentation.  It's just like being on tv.  The surprise factor is gone but you'll be smiling that you got to enjoy a Heston meal that is still quite unique.  By that I mean that no one it seems has tried to copy Heston so it really is a unique experience.


I am also fortunate enough to have been to Dinner By Heston on more than one occasion so you can say I am a happy customer.

pineapple cake

So all up Dinner By Heston really does deliver.  It should meet your expectations and given his personal branding, Dinner By Heston isn't too expensive.  It's pretty affordable for a unique dining experience.

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Dinner By Heston
Rating: 4.5
Would I go again: Yes
Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Telephone: (03) 9292 5779
Address: Level 3, Crown Towers, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006  
Reviewed By:

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