Thursday, 21 January 2016

HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe - Review - Chinatown, Melbourne

HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe in a Chinatown side street (16 Celestial Ave, Melbourne VIC 3000) is really for the diehards.  By this I mean for those people who have a craving for the funny western/Chinese hybrid fusion food that can be found in Hong Kong.

Hybrid Western/Chinese food originating from Hong Kong
Hybrid Western/Chinese food originating from Hong Kong
If you have never experienced it before it may come across as quite strange.  How does butter toast accompanied with ham and a fried egg and then separately accompanied with BBQ with macaroni soup sound?  Thanks to being under British rule for approx. 100 years you can experience this peculiar kind of hybrid food.

HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe has pretty austere surroundings.  It almost feels like walking back in time.  Needless to say that in Melbourne, this kind of food has an otherworld kind of feel (and this is despite HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe being in Chinatown).

How about luncheon meet with omelette on steamed rice.  Spam is also a favourite in this Hong Kong hybrid food.

If it was a bit more generously priced I could imagine going back to HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe.  However for what you get I cannot see too much value coming here except for the novelty value (from a Western perspective).

French inspired toast is standard fare.  I quite like this and can see how it would be quite popular.

French inspired toast image
French inspired toast
Anyway, it is kind of like comfort food if you have lived in Hong Kong (even if it is overpriced for what you get in a western country).  It's worth visiting if you have never experienced this kind of food before.  There were a few customers here and as you kind of have to find it they must like the food here.

HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe
HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe

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HeyDay Hong Kong Cafe

In a nutshell:
It's worth visiting if you have never experienced the Hong Kong/Western fusion styled kind of food before. If you have already experienced you can probably already decide if it's worth your while.

Rating: 3 stars
Would I go again: No
Would I recommend to a friend: No

Telephone: (03) 9662 1668
Address:16 Celestial Ave, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Reviewed By:

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