Monday, 11 May 2015

Makara Cafe - Review - Makara, Wellington

Makara Cafe is one of those old school rural/country cafes.  Homely and welcoming but not really a haven for a modern foody type of person.

Makara Beach
Makara Beach.  Its windier than it looks
However, there is nothing wrong with this as really the Makara Cafe is there to shelter you from the wind, provide a nice coffee as well as offering a nice place to relax and chat about life, love and the rugby or should I say cricket.
Nice and protected from the wind
This blog is really to remind you that Makara is out there and if you have nothing to do one weekend to make the trip out there, enjoy nature and grab a nice coffee.

The wild Makara coastline and weather is what you are really there for.
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Makara Cafe
Rating - 3 stars
Would I recommend to a friend - Yes

Would I go again - Yes
4 476 0313
Makara RoadWellingtonNew Zealand

Gratuitous tourist having a coffee
Gratuitous tourist having a coffee

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