Cafe Polo - Review - North Melbourne

Cafe Polo - Review - North Melbourne Cafe Polo in North Melbourne (Cnr Flemington Road &, Harker St, North Melbourne VIC 3051) is a utilitarian cafe/restaurant.


Cafe Polo is close to the hospital and I think it serves its purpose of providing inexpensive food to family and friends visiting loved ones.  Yes, locals will go to Cafe Polo as well but I have a feeling they have many out of town customers.

Fried chicken

The food is modern contemporary and is nicely priced too match.  It's not special.  Just workmanlike food at a fair price.


The servings probably look a bit sparse but it's about right given how much they charge.  if you love giant servings though stay clear as you won't be happy.


If you are looking for something special or a place with some kind of trendiness or coolness factor Cafe Polo is not for you.  However, if you don't want to break the bank, want a cheap dinner or lunch and don't feel like cooking then this might be right for you.


Cafe Polo isn't going to win any awards but then it isn't really trying to. For a meal at an honest price Cafe Polo is pretty good.  Just don't have your expectations set too high expecting something it isn't trying to be.

Overall, I am a happy customer.  Cafe Polo perfectly fits the description of "it is what it is".

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Cafe Polo
Rating: 3
Would I go again: No
Would I recommend to a friend: No

Cuisine Type: Western
Address: Cnr Flemington Road &, Harker St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Telephone: (03) 9329 1788
Reviewed by: Howie's Melbourne Food Blog

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